Shipping FOB Yangon

Shipments are carried out by Sea or Air

Orders are shipped FOB US$ Yangon port by LCL, 20 foot, 40 foot, 40 foot high shipping containers.  We also arrange for air shipment if your order meets our minimum requirement.

Wholesale Website

This website is for wholesale and import customers.

  • Create account for wholesale pricing.
  • Pricing is FOB US$ YGN Port Myanmar.
  • 80-90 Days Production.
  • Minimum Orders US$ 8000

Customer Support

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Hotline : +66 84 7312095

Story of our Products

We have created a short story of the journey each and every one of our products go through before packing to be shipped around the world. To watch the videos in full screen and in high quality, click the youtube logo on the bottom right of the videos and select to open in full screen and choose the quality of picture you require appropriate to your internet speed.


Our rattan products are village craft products produced in rural homes outside of Yangon. Traditionally a farming area where work is seasonal, our rattan products provide much needed work year round to homes in the region. Our products are distributed to a number of homes in the area who have been weaving rattan baskets for many years.  Each piece is carefully woven to give a high quality finish.


To ensure the correct size and shape of each product a framer usually works with a home group of weavers.  They are responsible to ensure the shape and size of each product is correct by making the inner frame for the weavers to weave the skin around the product.


Following weaving the surface of the rattan is not smooth due the nature of the rattan and there are many split hairs.  In order to make sure the final product shipped to our customers around the world it is essential that every product is sanded on a number of occasions to ensure a smooth surface.

Colouring, Quality Checking and Packing

After weaving the journey has just begun. The products are sent to our facility on the outskirts of Yangon for QC and colouring before labelling and packing before being shipped.


  • Seal the inner cane with a lacquer.
  • Hand brush the desired colour.
  • Rub the colour deep into the frame.
  • Second coat to give the final colour
  • Seal with a lacquer spray.

Incoming QC

Every product that arrives to our Yangon facility is checked on arrival for good quality weaving, size and shape.

Quality Control (QC)

The products have a lot of split small hairs that need removing and it is our QC departments job to make sure these hairs are removed and the surface of the product is of a high quality.  This process almost takes as long as the weaving itself.

Final Check

Before final packing, we check all products to ensure the shape, quality, balance etc... of the products are of the highest quality before packing for shipment to sell in stores around the world.